The Living Window


Your eyes have always been subjects of interest. You have always wondered what are they really made out of. Why do they come in so many different colours? And how is their structure so meticulously planned, with the overlapping eyelids and fine strands of eyelashes? Was it the incredibility of the the Almighty, or perhaps, a trait of evolution. You hope to find out one day, but as you grow older and your life becomes more complex, these questions fade into oblivion.

Instead, you start viewing your eyes as characteristics of beauty. Some colours fascinate you, some shapes you would die to have. You are incessantly drawn to people with these fascinating although materialistic features. But, the twists and turns of life,  make you realise that this superficial beauty is not what you are looking for.

Your eyes are probably the only part of the human body that are virtually not controllable. They betray. They reveal. They expose. They break down the façade that you have so delicately constructed and instructed to stay put, stay together and barricade. Barricade the thoughts that you are afraid of. Those thoughts that make you tremble and fill your arms with goosebumps. Those thoughts that really reveal your deepest desires, so terrifyingly surreal that they become secrets. You don’t want everybody to know them. You fear it will spoil the image you have planted in their minds already. That image of you being that impeccably good and brave person that you are. Your eyes remind you that it is just an image. They tell you that they are transforming the image for the better. If that image degrades than maybe your persona is actually upgrading.

Sometimes this revelation is important.  It is the very inspiration behind a revolutionized you. And if your soul is really the epitome of ‘good’, then your eyes won’t have to reveal. That is because you have nothing to hide. Nothing to be ashamed of, as you have realised that your mistakes and misfortunes and tragedies were nothing but lessons. They moulded you into the person you happen to be today.

Whenever your look at an infant you are drawn by how chubby and ‘cute’ it is. But it’s most endearing feature is it’s eyes. Round and shining and so very innocent. Surprised and enthralled by this world and its wonders. When it cries, it’s eyes are closed. But when they are open, there is vigour and alacrity and excitement. At the thought of seeing and existing and breathing. You have to understand that as you grow older it isn’t your eyes that change. They still do what they are supposed to do. They see. It is your mind process that changes; your thoughts, your feelings. Learning to retain that innocence of your eyes with your thoughts is probably the hardest thing to do. And also the most important. It is something that we all should learn.

But then, how will Indian classical dances exist? You can smile. Yes, that was meant to be a joke. A poor one. But still, a joke.


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