The Rationality Of Opinion

As Jordan lay there, his clothes barely rags and his arms frozen with goosebumps; he wondered what on earth he had done to deserve this fate. Was it his destiny or was he just an unlucky person in general? Being in this musty,loathsome prison; he craved for many things, but most of all,he craved for company. He needed people around him. He needed laughter and voices and just the feeling that he wasn’t alone in this gargantuan world, that there were people like him. But, the truth was that there weren’t . He couldn’t possibly imagine that there was another who had had such a complicated past involved with the formation of the very country, where he was now, barely hanging on to the bottom rung of the ladder of well, life itself. He wished he had never escaped anyway. Escaped from the phenomenon called global warming – nature’s revolt against mankind. But then this was his fate. He couldn’t escape it. Ultimately,he had made it to Antarctica-the safe haven for the survivors after their race had been completely annihilated. Two harsh voices brought him back to reality. Somebody was being pushed down the stairs. The sound of the prison lock opening. Of somebody being shoved into it. He know he ought to be feeling sad for this poor soul, the rest of whose life would be nothing more than a hell hole of misery. But another vicious darker part of his mind ejaculated at the prospect of finally having some company. After the guards left, he decided to take the first step by stretching his hand first.

“Welcome to my humble abode, my friend.”

“Your humble abode?”said a raspy voice.

“Kidding. It breaks the ice.”

“Well, the ice ain’t broken, in fact it never breakswhen there is a person like me involved.”

“ I see, I see…… not the friendly type, are you?”

“Evidently not, but you seem to be. Been here long?”

“For as long as I can remember.”

“ Doesn’t seem to have worn off you. “

“ Well, I do pride myself on having a very effervescent spirit that doesn’t get subdued even after the grossest miscarriage of injustice. I’m Jordan by the way.”

When the stranger did not offer any reply, Jordan prompted him.

“And you are?”


“Anyways what brings you here ?”

“Never stop talking do ya? “

“If you don’t wanna tell me you can tell me straight. I understand if it is personal.”

The rest of the day lapsed in silence as neither of them initiated conversation.

Suddenly, Jordan felt a strong urge to tell him. He needed to tell somebody about what had happened to him, about how, he out of all people had landed up in this place.

“ Daniel, it has been very long since I have had some one to converse with and I really need to get this out . So, I’m gonna tell you how I managed to end up here.”

Again no response.

“I am gonna start anyways…….

My father was an important person in the forming of this country. He was the very force behind it. I was living with him in a small house in the centre of the town. I was fifteen then. There were voices coming from a closed door. I pressed my ear to it, trying to hear what the people were saying.

“Matt, the people are almost convinced. We need to go ahead and start the execution of the plan.”

“Have the possible candidates for the heads of each of the sectors been identified?”

“Yes, for each system of government we have a promising candidate. Tomorrow we have scheduled a meeting with them to explain them their respective roles.”

“Good progress Matt. I want you to assemble all the people at the community hall next Sunday. It is time the people are exactly informed what kind of life they would be leading from now onwards.”

I just didn’t want to listen any longer. For months and months preparations had been happening.

Preparations for this new sectarian society. Dad was the head of it. Well that part of it wasn’t unexpected, anybody as brutal and harsh as father could definitely establish power over others and force them to weedle into his opinions. I had forever been trying to infer what their entire agenda was- infer from the secret messages that people left for father when he was out or overheard conversations. And then, one day he left the file with all the information on the table. I seized it and ran two the secluded barn behind our house. I needed to see it , understand what was happening. What I saw made my heart stop.

A divided society- one with four divisions depending on the system of government to be followed. A monarchy, a democracy, a communist economy and worst of all-a dictatorship where all the criminals would be sent. I was appalled at the stupidity of all these men. Didn’t the past teach them anything. The only reason the world was destroyed was because the people weren’t unified to face a problem they themselves had created. Global Warming could have easily been prevented. But, nobody thought about the future. They just cut trees, burnt coal and did what not for their own selfish desires. And dictatorship? Hadn’t they learnt anything from Trump’s time? The way a man single-handedly when given the power brought down such a great nation into nothing more than a  revolting slaughter house of humans who in his eyes weren’t ideal? I ran back to the house my stomach lurching as though I had swallowed something unpleasant.

“Well, well look who is here finally? I was just waiting for you.”

He sneered with a menacing cane in his hand.

Before I could run away, he grabbed me by my shoulders and dragged me inside. Although, I was stronger he was more vicious.

“Dad, the government system … I saw it….you can’t go ahead with it dad you can’t. It is going to ruin everything .”

“Who do you think you are? Do you think your opinion is going to oppose mine. Nobody will listen to you. You are nobody. Ever since your mother left you have been like this. It is high time I stop it. “

“ Dad this system is going to demolish all that is left of us. Please try to understand what I am saying.”

But all of my pleading was in vain. That night I received atleast a dozen whip lashings. I still stayed on. I needed to know what was happening. I heard the room door opening. I needed to get back to my room and continue pretending that I don’t exist.

Enough was enough. I was going to run away from home. The next few years were filled with hardship and hunger. I struggled and worked and savaged for food and survival.The government system my father was working towards was being established.

One day I was walking along the road, my hood over my head and clothes damp from the light drizzle. Suddenly, from behind I was seized by two burly arms.

“Finally, we have found you. Thought you could murder and get away with it, did you?”

Bowled over at this man’s words I was too astonished to react.

“ Your father was an important man. Do you really think that something like this will get unnoticed?”

“ Something like what?”

“You murdered your father, you loathsome swine! Don’t try and fool me. We have found his diaries in which he describes what a beautiful relationship the two of you shared.”

There was a long pause

“ That is how I ended up here. Now it is your turn.”

Jordan did not expect any reply nor did he get one.

Before, the other prisoner could start speaking, they heard the guards coming down the stairs.

“ Second prisoner today. I wonder who it is this time.”

The guards came, but surprisingly with no prisoner.

“ Don’t try to struggle. It isn’t going to be of any use. Come quietly or you will regret it.”

The locks were opened and the guards grabbed our shoulders, pushing is outside.

“ I wonder where they are taking us. I’m going to be going outside after atleast a decade now.”

Blinding light hit my eyes. My eyes blinked rapidly taking their time to adjust to the lambent space around me.

There was a fairly long line of people outside standing behind a central podium.

“What the hell is going on?”

“I have no idea. Those people seem to look like well… us…they seem to be prisoners.”

The man standing on the podium, very evidently the dictator, started speaking-

“Drastic times are calling for drastic measures. In the central government a lot of arguments going on. There are disagreements of opinion an political instability. But, one opinion everyone has  is that the very cause for the present malfunctioning of the society are the people who violate the rules. It is these people”.

He gestured widely to the row of people standing next to the podium.

“ The Board has, therefore, for the betterment of society taken a joint decision and asked that these prisoners be for evermore liberated from this world. That they be executed. “

A mass outbreak of voices broke out. People started shouting and protesting. Some were cheering. Some started throwing their shoes on to the stage, others were throwing their shoes on the prisoners.

Daniel turned to look at Jordan. But, Jordan was looking somewhere else entirely.

He thought he had just seen somebody he hadn’t seen in a long long time. Somebody whom he had assumed to be dead long before the establishment of Swastika. Somebody who hated his father.

His mother. Now he knew who had killed him.

Whose sins he was paying for.

But, that wasn’t true. He had always known who had killed his father. He would always know it. How could he ever forget something he himself had done. Human tendency did not permit him to.

But, what was curious was why his mother had suddenly appeared.

Before he could say anything else, he saw a gun being pointed at him. A loud bang.

And then nothing else.


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