This Is About You.

Do you enjoy watching television? No, you don’t. Actually…… you are not really sure.

That is because whenever you watch television, you feel like you are someone else  in another world, facing a situation very unlike your own. You watch your character succeed, laugh, have fun, love  but also face mishaps and tragedies and you imagine yourself feeling, doing stuff and basically living in the same way as your character. You ‘imagine’ these virtual possibilities in your real life.

And the worst  part – the guilt you feel afterwards. It just comes washing all over you, very much like a wave, drenching you in an overwhelming feeling of remorse and making your mouth salty- salty enough for you to start cursing yourself.At the same time, a more significant part of your brain is sighing while watching you go through this mental trauma.

‘Seriously’ , it seems to be saying , ‘you are moaning and moping  about something as trivial as watching television?’

Soon after five minutes are over, the wave has passed by and the ocean of your mind is calm again. You are back to normal.

The next day, guess what happens? Well, you watch television again. And this process of watching and moaning and calming repeats itself again and again, so many times, that( to you) it feels like eternity.

So, what is the cure to prevent this ‘process’? What is the last resort, the only option left?It is quite simple really.  You have got to stop watching television and you will.

From today.


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