Running With Your Mind

Faster. Go faster, urged Remya’s mind. She put in her every effort to run as fast as she could. Her shoe soles thudding on the crude pathway and hands viciously pulling the luscious green branches and leaves apart, she heaved her body forward. Panting, sweating and sticky, she stopped for a second, waiting for her body to catch up with her mind. Her mind told her to run. You have to, it said, they are after you. But, her body disagreed. The mind wasn’t the one doing the work, the body was and more so- it was exhausted. Cramps were treading on her stomach, heat scorching her throat and adrenaline surging through her veins.

Water. She needed water. Her legs gave way beneath her and her body dropped to the ground. It was shuddering now, burning and trembling and aching.

“There, I think I can see her. Don’t let her escape.”

Her mind had been urging and persuading her body to run for the past few minutes and this voice was just the trigger that it needed. Her body reluctantly jumped into action and soon, she was on  her feet, running again.

She could hear their voices and their footsteps behind her. Getting closer. Catching up.

After a few more minutes of sprinting, her mind finally realised that her body wasn’t in this anymore. She clutched her head as she spun dizzily. Her body was literally dying right now. It couldn’t do anymore work. It was the mind’s turn.

It instructed her to to sidestep an duck beneath the hedge on the side. Her legs had to follow this last piece of advice and it did.

Her heart was still racing as she took her place hidden beneath the foliage. Instinct assured her that this was the right move, that a gang of callous, ruthless men didn’t think, they just ‘did’. Hopefully they would continue doing what they had been doing so far- running.

Still, she needed to check. She propped herself on her calf muscles and leaned forward hoping to catch a glimpse of the scene on the trail.

“In that direction. RUN YOU ……..”

Holy! She hastily jumped back and lay down on the grass. What sheer luck to decide to hide in the bushes. As the last footsteps died away, she realised that this was probably the first right instinct she had had in ages. Breathing slowly, she closed her eyes and put her arms by the side of her body. When she turned to her side the wet mud gently caressed her face, it held her skin tightly, giving her comfort and protection in it’s refreshing coolness. It was such a gentle gesture that she felt a deep sense of calmness spreading throughout her body. But, her mind hadn’t been touched.

It was still furiously recounting the incidents from morning.


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